Top 5 Things You Must Know When Booking Singapore Escorts

If you are trying to meet social escorts in Singapore, here are some of the rules specific to Singapore escort services that you probably want to read about first, or you may mess up your entire booking or girlfriend experience with your Singapore escort.

First, escorts in Singapore are found exclusively online as explained here. The social escorts industry in Singapore has been like this for almost a decade now. Perhaps in early 2000s or 1990s and before, where the Internet was not as proliferate in SG, escort agencies needed to have a physical presence in order to get business. However, in this day and age, these call girls that you are searching for are not found along a strip like in Las Vegas, but are simply searched for online. Bookings are also often made through popular messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram or Wechat. Some independent escorts as well as escort agencies also use mobile messaging applications like Line. Only some allow for SMS.

Second, most Singaporean girls are found at escort agencies, while foreigners in Singapore city tend to work as independents or freelance girls. There are only a few reputable agencies when it comes to Singapore, and the only existing renowned Singapore escort agency is When it comes to independents, you can look on when it comes to South-East Asian (excluding Singaporean) ethnicity and hometown girls, and you can look on places like when it comes to Caucasian ones.

Third, SG girls tend to not show their face photos, while foreign girls tend to show either their full face photos or they will use a fake fully uncensored photograph. This means that you can also use this knowledge to ascertain whether a girl or profile listing is fake or real. If it is partially censored and she is supposedly a local, there is a good chance it is a real listing. On the other hand, if it is fully revealed and the profile claims she is a local girl, chances are she is lying and it is a fake escort ad listing or directory.

Fourth, like how booking is done in most other countries and cities as well, you will need to provide your identity verification for escort service to be rendered to you, or the agent or girl will simply ignore your enquiries. However, something which may be additional in Singapore is that some ladies or agencies will additionally require you to make a prior deposit beforehand. This CAN be legitimate, however, make sure that the account you transfer into is that of a corporate bank account, to make sure its not a scam or an illegal operation. A simple trick is to make sure that the bank account they have is not with POSB, because every Singaporean has a POSB account, and yet they only have personal banking accounts. It is almost guaranteed to be a scam if you are asked to transfer to a POSB account. Make sure it must be any other banks other than POSB. Additionally, if they ask you to process it via Paynow, ensure that the number you are transferring to is not a mobile number, but a company registration UEN number. This means that the entity you are dealing with is a registered escort agency and is likely legal to deal with and make bookings with.

Fifth, when it comes to local Singapore escorts, most are actually office ladies in the day time or students. This means that full time escort call girls are far and few between in our country. Therefore, most of them are just part time. As a result of this, most are travelling from their work place or their school when they receive a booking from you or their customer, and only a few come from other bookings. That is the reason why you should ideally allow for at least one to two hours in advance appointments when it comes to these Singaporean ladies and beauties so that they can travel to you on time. Here is a good article by a local Singapore escort agency on the time she will take to reach you once you have booked an escort call girl in Singapore.

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