TSRJOX 新加坡天上人间新加坡小姐 – What Happened To Them?


TSRJOX was once one of the most popular sites for customers on their search for China girls in Singapore city for sexual service under the pretext of date sites. TSRJOX website was updated and posted constantly with information on the new type of girls available. However, due to the Singapore authorities deciding that it violates local laws in the country, they decided to get it blocked. You can see the offline status of their page as of the time of this post.

TSRJOX stands for 新加坡 天上人间, which basically means Singapore heaven on earth. It was a website which promoted the solicitation of prostitution targeting SG, which is clearly outlawed over here. Public solicitation via streetwalkers and the facilitation of prostitution over a public medium such as the Internet is against the laws here.

Some of you may question – but there are legal prostitutes in SG! So what’s going on there? You are right! Prostitution in itself is not illegal here, but a variety and many types of activities surrounding it are – including pimping, and public solicitation. Gentlemen, that includes over Telegram, Whatsapp, Wechat, SMS or call.

Additionally, almost all of the ladies on TSJOX are also in SG only on a social visit pass, they are technically not allowed to work. Therefore, anti-vice raids against them are carried out often, and their website blocked. They’re not actually SG girls.

Attached is a video explaining more on this topic, and is a debate around this controversial but seldom discussed topic.

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