Why Do Men In Singapore Find Escorts – Real Reasons?

There are lots of reasons why men look for escorts. Some are the reasons they give publicly, and some are the real reasons. It does not always equate to each other. Here are the real underlying reasons why Singapore men actually look for social escorts for1

First of all, they look for escorts as a form of status symbol. Keep in mind this does not necessarily mean that the clients actually book these girls to go out into public events to show them off as a plus one, while that is definitely one of the ways. To put it crudely, it is just like not everyone buys a luxury car to show off on social media or showing off to friends. They buy it simply as a form of status symbol, to make themselves feel good. Likewise, men in Singapore do look for escorts as a form of high socio-economic status (SES) entertainment for themselves.

Second of all, some ambitious and driven men simply think that courtship and dating in a normal relationship is a waste of time when they are building their careers – especially in their 20s and 30s. However, when they begin to experience some serious success by their mid to late 30s, they start to enjoy the rewards of their financial success. One of the ways they do so then is to look for escorts. Just like some join country clubs, while others buy sports cars, some date escorts. It is no different. However, they still refuse anything with strings attached until they are in their early to mid 40s, and only want something NSA for now. Social escorts provide exactly that and thus these Singaporean gentlemen look for these ladies instead of dating normally before they reach the age they wish to find a marriage partner.

Third of all, some of these men have grown desperate to get a girl, but are simply unable to, because they either do not have the time and energy to do so, or simply have a quickly shrinking social circle as they age. However, traditional places for these middle aged men to pick up women in Singapore like dating applications can be difficult, because most girls select to view guys only within a few years of their age. Therefore, these guys, especially if they are looking for something short term or no strings attached, look for Singapore escorts instead.

Fourth of all, they look for escorts because their relationship has become stale. Since this is not a moral or ethics class, we will not discuss that here. The truth is that some men look for escorts because their relationship or marriage has become stale or they are in fact already separated and in the process of divorce. Most of these men who go through this usually do not want to jump back into another long term relationship anytime soon at all. Thus, they look for escorts as companions for themselves when they are feeling lonely.

Fifth of all, there are many travelling businessmen and business executives around the world, and entering into and out of Singapore on a daily basis. Some of these guys travel for a large part of the year, and are thus unable to find any real companion anywhere to accompany them. Thus, whenever they go to a particular country for a few days or a week each time, they simply book an escort girl to keep them company instead. Likewise, when they arrive into Singapore, they look for a local Singapore escort girl here.

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